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Season 10

Season 10 Lookbook - Nov. 31st, 2018

Shot by: Rudy Bonifaz, Ian Courtney Ferguson and archives

Models: Ashley Naranjo, Drew Suazo, Tyler Pierce, Muwosi and others

"Season 10 we had the chance to collaborate with Illegal Civilization, Cuts clothing company and Elijah McClinton's practical pant in Los Angeles, CA. With it being our 10th season we wanted to do something special while also staying true to our brand. We collaborated with Illegal Civilization's "Disco Tee" and beanie pairing it with our trademark Capital "D" royal blue lettermen. We also took inspiration from UCLA with our "DTHB TECH" hoodie since our move to California. As far as our belts, it consists of our classic "Deathtoheartbreaks" scripture as well as our skull and crossbones design on our stainless steel buckle. This season is for all of our supporters hanging in with us all these years as we continue to grow as a brand. We're very thankful to be in this position to give you our best season yet." - Elijah McClinton

Season 09

Season 09 Lookbook - May 11th, 2018

Shot by: Gabby Martinez, Tiffany and archives

Models: Iman Moore, Diante Bingley, Monty Chino, Ian Courtney Ferguson, Sky and Elijah McClinton

Styled by: Elijah McClinton

"Season 09 was tricky. This was our expression on gothic culture attempting to blend it with higher education. It's our twist of bringing 1950's Lettermen's and early 2000's goth molds into one. To our "DTHB" University and Capital "D" crewnecks, to our classic silk skull-n-heart ties. Mixing those with diamond encrusted chokers and our Ring Around the Skull tee was our way to strive for something bigger than to just to appeal to the average consumer. We want kids, adults, women and men of all ages of power to wear our attire to offer a unique service to the world. Whether you're an attorney wearing our skull-n-heart tie in the courtroom, an upcoming film maker wearing our Capital "D" crewneck on set, or a high school athlete looking to make a name for yourself for college scouts in our "DTHB" University crewneck. Whoever or whatever you do it for, make sure you do it with a purpose." - Elijah McClinton

Season 08

Season 08 Lookbook - January 26th, 2018

Shot by: Gabby Martinez and Evan Ferguson

Models: Diante Bingley, Monty Chino, Leenallie, and Emily

Styled by: Elijah McClinton

"Season 08 consists of natural color. Each color evokes a different emotion when you see it. Whether it's eye popping colors of forest green print on black leather, or Royal Blue with our classic blood shot red skull-n-heart design. As far as belts, we were inspired by cowboys in the wilderness with the dark forest green branding with our big clunky belt buckles. It’s really braggadocios and it stands as a point that you don’t HAVE to be humble ALL the time and it’s always eye catching everytime you wear it. The unisex Lettermen’s is really just something for the girls, it’s calm and practical for everyday use and very proper, as if a school girl could wear it. The jeans that the model Diante is wearing are 1/1 crotch pocket pants that have released the the season prior. We were also aiming for what we stood for as a brand with our t-shirt having our definition. “Death to anything destructive or harmful that can be turned into creativity”. Earlier we struggled with our brand awareness." - Elijah McClinton

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