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Who We Are

Deathtoheartbreaks is a clothing brand from Lawrenceville, Ga that looks to expand and collaborate with other artists alike. We do videos, music, photography, have our own magazine but we never forget our roots. We were founded in 2014 by Elijah McClinton, Dejuan Barney, and Ashton Graham. Since then we have added a few more members in ICF11, and Jon Davis. We have had several successful seasons in which we have improved year after year making better quality merchandise and content.

Why Us?

It all starts with the clothing and we know that, we tend to stay away from trends and stay in our own lane. We pride ourselves on originality and staying true and you cannot teach that. If you want to be featured in our artist highlight lookbook email us at [email protected] for more info.

Deathtoheartbreaks Team

Death to anything descructive or harmful that can be turned into creativity.

Elijah McClinton

Co-Founder ,CEO, Designer, Marketing Manager, Video Production Manager and Author
Elijah McClinton is the CEO, co-founder, and main desginer of Deathtoheartbreaks. Elijah is also the main author of the artist highlights and premieres. He is head of market management and video production.

Ian Courtney Ferguson

Producer, Designer, Video Producer, Artist, Model, Graphic Designer and Co-Marketing Director 
Ian Courtney Ferguson aka ICF11 is a rising producer and R&B artist from Lawrenceville, Ga. Ian is in charge of graphic design and is also one of the co-marketing directors of the group.

Jon Davis

Head Manager of Skate Division, Artist, Model, Co-Video Producer, Co-Marketing Director
Jon is a contemporary rap artist and also the co-video producers of the group and co-marketing directors as well as the Head Manager for the Deathtoheartbreaks Skate Division.

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