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Music of the Month

Dennis - Old Wings (Bird)

Dennis is single-handedly bringing back doo-wop with a mix of The Dream's "Love Vs Money" with his track "Old Wings (Bird)". Personally our favorite song at the moment. Listen to it here.

Muwosi - Love Is An Action

 (Prod. ICF11)

"Love Is An Action" by Muwosi is the perfect spring song with light and feathery production by ICF11 to top it off with Muwosi's smooth and sexy vocals. Tap into "Love Is An Action".

Yukons - Nueva

Yukons from Atlanta, Ga are a unique band that spreads their message of lantix expression through crazy guitar riffs and I'm here for it. There whole album "South of The Equator" is golden but "Nueva" is definitely a standout.

ICF11 - Truth (solo)

Truth by ICF11 proves that with every passing moment he grows into a more well-rounded artist every time he puts out a new project. His trajectory is limitless. "Truth" is Sunset music at its finest. 

Stevan - Candy

Stevan's "Candy" sounds just as sweet as the title. The Sydney, Australian native brings this track that makes you feel you're on cloud nine and you cannot get off. We listened to this at least 20 times this week alone. Listen to Stevan's "Candy" here.


As equally unorthodox this track is, it is also just as satisfying. Stanley's animated high pitched voice gives the song an extra boost of energy. This is one of the more slept on tracks off his album "Nutty Hydro", but it's also our favorite. Listen to CRUNCHYROLL.

Listen to our Music of the Month (February) playlist here.

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"The Practical Pant" by Alston Watson

I reached out to Alston and told him my vision for this project. We agreed on creating a fictional story with newly invented characters to show off the project in a fictional context. I first fell in love with his Gully comic series and wanted this to have that same gritty feeling as his other comics, but still have its own uniqueness about it as well. I gave him full creative freedom as he came up with the idea that "The Practical Pant!" arrives from space, in which the character then tries on. He then soon finds from reaching inside his front pocket "the jewel" he has always been looking for. - Elijah McClinton

Different variations of "The Practical Pant!" is also available at


I had the pleasure of picking one of my favorite artist's mind a few weeks ago from Las Vegas, Nevada and ask her a few questions. Victoria, who also goes by the name @fewocious, says it wasn't until she found the art community on twitter, when she changed her whole way of thinking. "I've always doodled and messed around with different creative projects to help me feel better. However, I never thought it was allowed to be an actual path in life. I didn't know it was something I could 'pursue.' To me, it was just a way to cope. I thought everything was just the way it was and that I'm not painted in the role of being an 'artist.' I felt undeserving for that title, you know? I ain't have any paintings in a museum or anything and I'm just some kid at home. How special could I be? Thinking back on it now, I laugh at how silly that is. My eyes were opened, I realized I'm allowed to be myself and do what I want. and I want to do art, this is what I truly love."

We then landed on the topic of time management and what keeps her going when in the midst of working on other projects, she goes onto share a quote saying, "The sun's scattered rays are too weak to start a fire, but once you focus them with a magnifying glass this will bring the paper to flame in seconds." This quote changed my entire workflow. I try to only work on 1 project at a time, giving every project my full undivided attention and love! :) I keep going because this is the only thing I love. When I'm not doing art, it's all I'm really thinking about or looking forward to."

Victoria ultimately sees herself experimenting with music and focus on filmmaking when she's older, but ultimately her passion for art goes beyond her. "I wanna see and hear all of it! One of my biggest goals is to create a building that's a safe space to artists of all mediums and provide resources for them to help execute whatever big ideas they have :) and maybe even show kiddos like me that their dreams will come true as long as the effort is put in."

As far as inspiration she says she's inspired by literally anything saying, "Life is filled with so much, I try not to shut myself away from any of it and absorb everything as inspiration. People are my favorite. No one has the same story and you never truly know what someone else is thinking; that's the part that fascinates me so much. (From) having conversation and observing when someone stops for a moment to think or struggle to correctly say what's on their mind, what their facial expression is, change of tone. I love it."

I'm just some kid at home. How special could I be? Thinking back on it now, I laugh at how silly that is. My eyes were opened, I realized I'm allowed to be myself and do what I want.

- Fewocious

When defining struggles, especially as artists, often times we tend to look at the negative aspects rather than the positives that we can take from those experiences. Discussing this topic she goes onto state that pushing past your comfort zone is an ongoing struggle as well as the disappointment that comes in the middle of her creative process. "I just think sometimes I push too much, I forget to allow myself breaks and because I've been staring at the project for way too long with tired eyes, it starts to not look as good as I thought it did. When I wake up the next day, my mind is fresh and I feel better about everything... but the cycle repeats. 

This is something I have been working to improve."

Summa! By Juto

Some songs make you smile and Summa! by Juto does just that. The chill catchy beat makes you think of those perfect summer days outside with your friends. Even after the video ends the hook still plays in your head. The video was recorded and edited by Jourdynn Sherman and @unknwnshooter on instagram. Check it out!

-Written by Autumn Armstrong


This week I had the chance to talk to a childhood friend of mine, also co-creator of Amok, Kareem, also known as KP. He held his first exhbition in Atlanta last week and this is what he had to say:

"I’ve currently been doing a lot of work with models and a few rappers around Atlanta. I was feeling a bit stagnant, people weren’t really supporting my work and I felt like I was putting out the same content over and over again. But I always knew the work was good, so I decided to host a exhibit displaying all the work I have, so people can really get a feel and experience my content in person instead of through instagram."

"I did it with one of my childhood friends Holt who also does photography. Some of my pictures included Smino, Fleacoo, Razi Young, Chris King and a few others. It was held in Atlanta being as though thats where a most of my social media following is located. I wanted to express my work and Amok that can be perceived in a multitude of ways, (I wanted to) make people feel where im coming from, not just see it."

I wanted to express my work and Amok that can be perceived in a multitude of ways, (I wanted to) make people feel where im coming from, not just see it

- KarremBa

He also included performances from Amok’s very own Adott, and a few other artists like $ODA, Icytamir, and Fleacoo (in which we covered before). He then ends with saying, "This exhibit was more about getting people to see me, the next one will be for people to feel me. If that makes any sense lol."

Alston Watson

A few weeks ago, we spoke to the humble Alston Watson from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. We talked about his comic “Gully” and how it all came to fruition. How art became a major part of his life, college, his inspirations, dealing with depression and difficulty being an artist.

Discussing when art became a part of his life he explains, “Pretty recently to be honest. I didn’t start painting until senior year of high school, and I didn’t start taking art seriously until the sophomore year of college, and I’m a senior now.” Talking comic books, specifically his called “Gully”, I asked him how his love for comics came about. “Comics are cool.” He says. “I didn’t really grow up reading a lot of them since I’m from rural NC, but our local Walmart used to sell Shonen Jump before it went out of print. I had some of the early Naruto Volumes like #27 I think.”

“Comics are a good way to tell a story that doesn’t require you to go out and film stuff or take photos but can achieve the same cinematic qualities. You get all of the technically impressive things like you would from a fine art drawing exhibit, but there’s an added layer of narrative and overall “entertainment”. It’s fun, I always joke that mangaka is the peak of artistry. Being able to tell a story and draw (really) well and do it every week or every month is amazing.”

When talking about Gully he says it all started when he went to West Virginia to do an art residency and decided to do a comic on a whim to see if he could do it. “I used all three weeks I was there just drawing all day every day. I originally wanted to tell a story using fictionalized versions of stories about my Dad and his friends, but it kinda warped into its own thing which is still cool. I improvise the story whenever I sit down to work on it so it’s been nice to see how its developing and I’m constantly learning and improving.”

Going through some of his stories and scenarios in his comics, some scenes are based off note-able Clipse lyrics. We spoke about how Hip-Hop has played a role in his life.

“Oh yeah, I was raised on rap music basically. I feel like a lot of kids like me are/were. My dad sold drugs for a while and whenever I was in the car with him he’d play Three 6 Mafia or The Carter 2 or some Jeezy mixtape. The early years definitely shaped my taste in music. When I’m writing the comic, I draw inspiration from Clipse and Mobb Deep and Three 6 Mafia, or some other Japanese composers when I’m trying to really focus.”

We dug deeper and I asked, with him being an artist, how he feels about the comments relating to Zaytoven when he said, “if you aren’t hot and not doing numbers we aren’t listening to you.” And asked him if that’s a fair judgment based on an artist on how many numbers they’re pulling? Or does an artist need an audience for someone to listen? Or is it strictly how good the art is? He goes onto say, “It’s kind of a grey area to some people I guess. Personally, I only care if the work is good. I get that we’re in the future now and social media is king, but, at some point, we do have to have integrity and principles. If the art is good, praise it. Don’t just exploit it because it has a following. I think about this kinda often cause’ my following to actual audience ratio is a lot lower than people think. It’s not like all 17k of my followers read my comic, and that’s not really a big deal but I can see how it would be to some people who are more concerned with social media presence. I think it’s important to just make what you make, and always try to improve. If you’re looking for somebody to put you on either do it yourself or wait for someone to reach out to you, which they will probably if your work is good I guess.”

Sometimes I think I won’t even have a legacy and that’s okay, too. I’m not looking for accolades or titles or anything. I just want people to see that I tried to do something, and I worked my hardest to do it as well as I could.

- Alston Watson

I then asked if there were any moments in his life he felt like giving up and he says, “Yeah like every 3 days. Depression sucks. Whenever I feel like giving up I just sulk for a while but then I ascend and improve and get over it. Spending hours working at my desk is a good motivator/coping mechanism. I’m a workaholic so even when I feel like giving up I don’t lmfao.”

When it's all said and done he says he doesn't really know what's in store. "I don’t really know. Sometimes I think I won’t even have a legacy and that’s okay, too. I’m not looking for accolades or titles or anything. I just want people to see that I tried to do something, and I worked my hardest to do it as well as I could. If people see that and appreciate it then that’s really all I can ask for."

The Otherz Podcast

A few days ago we were lucky enough to join Stephen Penny on his Otherz Podcast. As you know we've covered Stephen Penny in the past, this time we sat down and talked about "Angel" by Pharrell, which video is overall best, the released or unreleased, favorite Neptune's bridges and the new Ariana Grande album. Listen to the podcast here and make sure to subscribe to his website and follow on social media @otherzpodcast on all platforms and @steverpenny.

Almighty Store Opening

Last week we were in Downtown Los Angeles and linked up with @courtneyelijah and the Almighty crew, as well as Cuts clothing for the grand opening of Almighty's new storefront. They have merchandise from Thrasher, Baker Skateboards, DGK, and of course Cuts, which we featured on here before. All photos from that night were shot by @david.kido and videos from numerous members of the Almighty collective. Come check out their store and get your merchandise at 732 s Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, California 90014 and follow their social media at @almightylosangeles on Instagram. All material edited and recorded by Elijah McClinton. Tune into the video above to see what we were up to that night.

All pictures by: @david.kido

Press Day for Team Cuts

On June 23rd we filmed Cuts for their Press Day in Norco, Ca. We've previously had the two Cortes brother's featured on our website a few months back, but we caught up with them for their Summer 2018 lookbook. All new merchandise will be sold exclusively at the Almighty store in downtown Los Angeles at 732 S Los Angeles St the first week of July. So make sure to come out and get something. All material edited and recorded by Elijah McClinton. Watch the video above and catch up with the behind scenes of the lookbook.

Lunar Vacation, Gymshorts and Dinner Time live at The Drunken Unicorn

May 29th we had the chance to record Lunar Vacation, Gymshorts, and Dinner Time live at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta. We got a chance to catch up with the bands while they shredded away. We also interviewed a few of the band members from Lunar Vacation which will be released soon, as well as the highlights for the full show which will be shown exclusively through our website. Each band is very different from each other creating great diversity for the show. The crowd was into it and was an overall great night. All material edited and recorded by Elijah McClinton and Dejuan Barney. Watch the video above to see the highlights from the night. 

Sachiel Gonzalez

February 9th during our Heartbreak Party we sat down with Sachiel Gonzalez from Mental Image about her artwork, future plans, goals and what she ultimately wants to achieve with her work. Follow her on instagram @seashell_96 and @mentalimagebiz to see more of her.

Heartbreak Party ft. Elevator Chat

February, 9th we hosted our first Pop Up shop titled “Heartbreak Party” with Elevator chat and singer Chini. Since then, Alejandro and London, lead guitarists of the group, has now been on tour with the band Dinner Time. A band from Atlanta, Ga who has now been making a name for themselves in Atlanta’s emerging rock scene.

The night consisted of Steve Lacy covers of C U Girl, Some, Ryd and Dark Red. We sold out of all “Heartbreak Party” merchandise including leftover define tees from Season 08. Tap in above to see full video highlights from the night. Highlights from the night recorded and edited by Jon Davis and Elijah McClinton.

Author: Elijah McClinton

May 19th, 2018

Wavy Bagels ft. ICF11 and Jannai - What's Good?

Muwosi - Krypton

Earlier this week Wavy Bagels remixed ICF11's "What's Good" ft. Jaanai. Check it out below.

Muwosi's video "Krypton" is really something unusual, in a good way of course. I don't know what it is but it does draw one in. And it isn't uncommon that she went this route since she is signed to Milkywayv, known to make bold choices stylisiticly with their music and visuals. Maybe it's the outerspace beat that goes perfect with the visuals giving me slight epilepsy. Maybe it's the vocals that make you feel all warm inside that makes you sing along. I can't pin point it but it defiently has me. We've covered Muwosi a few months back and she never fails to amaze giving us gems time and time again. I'm already excited for her next projects as I've heard bits and pieces of. Follow her on instagram @Muwosi and her twitter as well @TimesASpiral.

Author: Elijah McClinton

February 18th, 2018

Stephen Penny

This week we present the co-owner of the Otherz Podcast and an OG in the game, Stephen Penny from Helsinki, Finland. He runs the Otherz Podcast with his partner @KingOfCreamz which if you don’t know by now has the most extensive Ice Cream shoe collection in the world. The podcast consists of all things Pharrell, BBC Ice Cream, N.E.R.D, The Neptunes, etc. And of course me being a huge fan of The Neptunes I had to reach out and pick his Brain (no pun intended). You can also listen to our whole conversation here on our soundcloud page.

I also asked him a question that sparked up in one of their episode’s and it had to do with the resurgence of BBC and Bape in comparing the two brands of the streetwear scene. On how fans of the two brands would purchase because they were genuine fans of the music. But explains that today (some) kids buy only because of its gross in popularity. That’s when I finally asked him what he thinks is the biggest difference between the music and streetwear scene from now to then. He explains the biggest thing is social media and the hype that surrounds it. “Everyone kind of broadcasts their lives now…so it’s almost that need to be involved in these things or to be involved in something.” He describes the scene of early Bape and BBC releases and how it was all word of mouth, on various forums and closed environments that no one really knew about, unlike today.

I then wondered when was his first recollection of The Neptunes and what made him realize that they might have something special. He goes on to say, around the early N.O.R.E and Ludacris stuff he was aware of them to an extent, while seeing them occasionally in early VIBE and XXL magazines back in the day. However, once he got a hold of N.E.R.D’s first album In Search of.., which he stumbled upon on accident is when he really started to dig deeper, and claims since then he has he was hooked from that point on.

My first question for him was what made him start an all Neptunes podcast. He says, he ran another podcast called TechxPats that he ran for a couple of years in which he explains hit its peak due to his partner on the podcast having other commitments and it just not really being his passion. He says in that time he was looking to do another podcast when the idea of an all Neptunes podcast came to his mind. He credits @theneptunesproductions on Instagram and Dissect Podcast for sparking that up. He thought of someone to join the podcast and says David of KingOfCreamz was the absolute first person he thought of and says he's glad that it all worked out the way it did.

The fourth question came from the “Lapdance” episode on his podcast in which he talks about fighting Lee Harvey. Yes, Lee Harvey if you’re reading this or listening to the conversation up above, don’t mess with Stephen Penny’s girl. He describes going to the early N.E.R.D concert when they had their US/EU tour with his then-girlfriend when Lee Harvey kept jumping on and off stage elbowing his girlfriend in the face. He then explains by the third or fourth time he pushes Lee Harvey back on stage which knocks him off the railings. We also talked about Kelis’ holding his hand that day while singing to him on stage, so I guess that makes up for Lee Harvey’s continuous blows to his girlfriend’s head.

We then go on to the subject of the famous Neptune bridge and I challenged him to name his favorite in which he describes, “it’s like asking what’s your favorite child, so I can’t give you an answer. I know if I say one, in an hour’s time I’ll probably hear something else and pick another one. They’re just that good.” We continue our favorite’s talk and go on to talk about his favorite BBC Ice cream pieces and says the early seasons 1-3 for their bold colors, but says the striped polos of the early season's are by far his favorites as well as the coulette's. They don’t have anything on the Diamonds and Dollar signs design in my opinion, but I digress.

We both end our conversation on the Otherz Podcast and I asked if anything new on the horizon for them. He goes on to say even though he and David are in the early stages of production there is a lot going on behind the scenes and hints something special is coming up in a few weeks. As of now, they have their Pharrell Bapesta giveaway, to enter listen to their latest podcast for details in order to be qualified for the giveaway. You can listen to the Otherz Podcast on just about every platform or directly on their website Also, follow them on instagram and on twitter @otherzpodcast and listen to our whole conversation on our Soundcloud page on the icon below if you haven’t done so.

My conversation with Stephen Penny below

Author: Elijah McClinton

Febuary 4th, 2018

ra$$$had - Twitter Mac

Check out ra$$$had's new video "twitter mac" off his new EP Kenjaitaimu: Goodbye. I remember him sending me the pre-drafts of his tape late October and the two stand out tracks for me was "U Got a Bf?" and "Twitter Mac". Twitter Mac fits right in with his Zapp and Roger like melody's on this project and seems to carry on the robotic and cyber naritives of getting at girls through twitter dm's, swapping pictures and so forth. It's an alternative twist to The Great Adventures of Slick Rick but in a futuristic way. This isn't just a play in the background type of EP either. You really do have to challenge your ear to fully appreciate what he's doing. It's a freaky loop like being stuck in an 80's video game, but you like it, and you love it for how it is. And side note, yes, he is wearing our REAL BOY shirt one minute into the video. Kenjaitaimu: Goodbye is avaliable for streaming everywhere. Make sure to go cop that.

Author: Elijah McClinton

January 6, 2018

Snoopay Fiasco

if you’re unaware of Mr. Guy Eckstine’s impressive resume you should honestly do your research. He has won numerous Grammy’s as a producer for Herbie Handcock’s “The New Standard” and Wayne Shorter’s “High Life” just to name a few. I asked Snoopay more about working with a legend like Mr. Guy Eckstine and if he brings any type of pressure to him or any of the members of Zone 4 Mafia. “That’s my guyyyy”, He says, “Working with Guy Eckstine also known as "The God Father" is lit, he is an amazing guy with energy, character and knowledge. He is basically showing us the ropes [of] this music business for us to elevate. I feel like the pressure is sometimes 50/50 because Guy believes in us and as a team [and] we know we got to bring something to the table.

Producer Snoopay Fiasco is from Queens, NY as well as his collective Zone 4 Mafia. They’ve been getting some buzz for a while now with one of their videos by member Kay Real getting 597,000 views on YouTube. They’ve been growing a close-knit fan base in their area, as well as in other countries preparing for their EPK. Zone 4 Mafia executive Members are Snoopay Fiasco (The Producer), Trey Lo, Kay Real, Cb, who are all the artists in the group. Snoopay explains the meaning of their name saying, “The name Zone 4 Mafia is something we made based on our surroundings. "The Zone" is what we call our area in Far Rockaway, New York but the "4" in the name has a true meaning. It basically stands for "Family Of the Under Rated. Each of us believes we are all underrated so that’s how it came about.” They are currently under Iconique Music Group along with the A&R of Columbia Records Mr. Guy Eckstine.

Snoopay has been producing since his high school days, although he wasn’t taking it as serious at that time, he found out that it soon was to be his passion. “I didn't take producing serious at the time around high school because I was impatience with trying to perfect my craft. I would always get irritated with making beats that didn't sound right to me so I just put it to the side until I had people around me who gave me feedback & [always] motivated me to learn the software and music. After I put myself on lockdown to learn then I realized that I can make money and turn it into a career.”

Never thought I would get this far and gain a lot of knowledge but I also feel like I'm not where I want to be. I just have to wait for my time and be patient.

- Snoopay Fiasco

I then asked with the New Year among us, if he had any New Years’ resolutions. He states, “My New Years’ resolutions are to learn more, build even stronger connections for Z4M and myself, work with more artist and producers, grind to where I want to be and become an even better producer. Also, I'm soon to drop my tape with different songs all produced by me which is called "Fiasco's World". Make sure you guys check for more Zone 4 Mafia and Snoopay Fiasco and get their latest EP "The Zoned Out Tape" which is Available on all platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud.

Author: Elijah McClinton

January 6, 2018

Wavy Bagels

I asked him about staying inspired, and what it was that kept him going. “I get my inspiration from many aspects of my life, but definitely my nieces. I have 5 of them. They give me a reason to pursue a career in music or whatever this shit chooses to take me, as long as it takes me to a place where I can be a big impact in their lives”. 

We then close it with what future projects he is currently working on. “I wanna release a few more beat tapes before the year's over. I have one coming out on Shelled Tapes with label owner, the big homie Erotnas! Looking forward to that soon. I also have some remixes I've been working on for various artists. Look out for a project coming soon with the bro S.I.T.H. (Sick in the Head) from Staten Island, some stuff with Wakai, Wevor Trill, the young lord himself Raggs, and of course the DeathToHeartBreaks Fam. That's gonna be litty titty. Do people even say litty titty anymore? Whatevs.”

Earlier I talked to the producer Wavy Bagels from Queens, New York. The first thing I always wondered is how the hell did he come up with the name Wavy Bagels? He says, “Let's just say the name "razorSHARPE" doesn't roll off the tongue as well as "Wavy Bagels". Wouldn't you agree?” Surprisingly and hilariously enough he also refers to his beats as “fresh bagels” whenever he drops a new project or beat tape. 

 I then asked when he first started making beats and he stated, “I never wanted to make music honestly. I wanted to be a fucking astronaut or a graphic artist. I even had dreams of being a pro wrestler, ya know, the ones that hit you in the head with a steel chair. I guess what made me want to make music was my general love for hip-hop. The idea of sampling always intrigued me. How producers were able to take an original piece and flip it into some next shit”. He says it was around 17 when he got the urge to start making his own music when he found an old copy of FL Studio and says he’s been cranking ever since.

I then asked what producers he’s looked up to and to name some of his favorites, he says, “DJ Premier, Dilla, Madlib, RZA, Doom, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Buckwild, ALC, Knxwledge, Timbaland, Yeezy, Kenlo Craqnuques, Just Blaze, Easy Mo Bee, Salaam Remi, Dr. Dre, Black Milk, 14KT, FLYING FKN LOTUS, Samiyam, the list is infinite yo”. He absolute went berserk when I asked him the ye old producer question that if he were to lock Madlib and J Dilla in a studio for 24 hours who would come out with the better product. He states, “Madlib vs. Dilla locked in the studio for 24hrs???? DEPENDS ON WHAT DRUG OF CHOICE IS LOCKED IN THERE WITH THEM HAHA. Shrooms??? Madlib is coming out with fire. Weed??? Dilla gets that”.

Author: Elijah McClinton

December 30, 2017

Viktor Lu

This week we had a chance to speak to Viktor Lu from Liberia. He begins to tell me that he and his family immigrated to the Bay Area when at the age of 5 because [of] the civil war going on in at the time. He was raised in Hayward, CA, specifically South Hayward which they call the (South Stack). He states it’s kind of funny [because] he was born on the west coast of Africa and raised on the west coast of the U.S saying, “I was born to be a west coast nigga and rep for my peoples”.

I first asked him where he got Viktor Lu from and he states, “when I first started making music 2 years ago I was trying to be gimmicky and come up with a "cool artist name". He then says he decided to go by Don SoSo because even though he was first starting out he felt like the music he was making was "SoSo". He says that he wanted to put more of his true essence into his craft and be who he truly was as a person.

An artist’s musical style really reflects an artist as a person, so I then ask him to do just that. “My musical style is like flavored water.” He says. “Bruce Lee once said that you should never limit yourself to just one approach and that one should try to be formless like water. It's that very mindset I have when I'm working on music. When you listen to my tracks it's never really what you'd expect.” I think the fact that I have a severe bipolar disorder plays a big part of it, my musical style is very bipolar as well”.

He then shows his appreciation to The Based God himself and says, “Thank you Based God, Lil B has to come first at the top of my list because out of all the artists that have come out. He's always stayed true to himself and has made what he's wanted to make. He's proved that he's got bars and that he can make ratchet turn up tracks, Lil B was way ahead of his time. I remember 6 years ago when I was in High School Lil B commented on one of my videos on YouTube. Being humble and positive like he is and at the same time making classic music regardless of what people think is what I'm striving for”.

I went with Viktor Lu that way I wouldn't have to hide behind any gimmicks and I could just be myself.

- Viktor Lu

After it's all said and done he says, “I see myself somewhere in Africa on farmland I'm going to own, living in a nice custom built hut with my significant other, and a nice ass studio, and I'll be in there doing what I do best creating, thinking "damn I really just disappeared on these niggas."

Make sure to check his EP that he just dropped today called Dark Side Love and stream it on all platforms soon. 


This week we spoke to the talented Muwosi from Cincinnati who is signed with MilkyWayv for a few questions. The meaning of her name which she explains comes from Swahili and is spelled as “mwezi” so she then took it as a sign for her artist name. I first asked her how she ended up linking up with MilkyWayv and she says, “Prior to linking with Milkywayv, I actually was a huge fan of the movement! This was about 2-3 years ago. I found them via social media and just fell in love with all of the artists. I was doing little Soundcloud songs here and there and I told Bobby to check it out. He ended up digging my music and we became friends. I recently signed to the label about 7 months ago.

If you’re familiar with Muwosi you know she has a particular sound that doesn’t sound like anyone else. I asked her about it and she says, “Honestly, my sound is ALL over the place. But if I had to go with a genre for my style, I would say Electronic RnB.” I then pondered across her style and her influences and wondered if her fashion and music went hand and hand? “They’re absolutely are a bunch of people who influenced my style but I’ll just name a few! The Black Eyed Peas, Whitney Houston, N.E.R.D, and Stevie Wonder. [And] actually I do think my fashion and music go hand in hand. My music is very in-your-face yet chic at the same time. One day I’ll wear a blazer with some fitted pants and heels (chic) and then the next day I’ll wear a colorful jacket with some leggings and Doc Marten boots (in-your-face)”. She laughs.

With her already having a deal; collaborations with bigger artists isn’t far from view. So I asked what would her dream collaborations be and she stated, “I would love to collaborate with Toro Y Moi, Lone, Earl Sweatshirt, Jorja Smith,  Pharrell, Lil Uzi, Tyler, The Creator, and Kelela (that’s like 1%)”. Be sure to tune in on her new Single dropping Dec. 18th and watch the music video that will be premiered on site. Her label MilkyWayv is also coming out with a complication album that she has 2 songs on as well as her first EP. Follow her on Instagram @muwosi to keep an update on her following projects. 

Author: Elijah McClinton

December 16, 2017

Amir Boyd and Til' Death

A while ago I chopped it up with Amir Boyd owner of the brand Til’ Death from Philadelphia for some questions. You’ve probably have seen his merchandise on your favorite rapper and you didn’t even realize it. From D Savage, Thouxanbanfauni, ASAP Twelvy and many more. I first asked what his brand [Til’ Death] stood for and he said, “Til' Death stands for Til' Death Do Us Part. Before the name was "A Basic Brand" but I changed it to Til' Death after my best friend died @shaayneaintshit” [on Instagram].

D Savage wearing Til' Death Jeans

I then questioned him on how hard it was to start his own brand at first and how he overcame it. He says, “It was difficult because I didn't know where to start. At first I was just making t-shirts, something I didn't really like doing but people loved them so I just kept making them, I did that up until Nasir passed and then I think that's what really got me to where I am today, his death kinda pushed me to go harder because I know that's what he would have wanted.”

I always found it fascinating on how people end up finding what they’re passionate about so I asked him just that and he states he’s always wanted to make clothes since he was young. He says that it was his Dad that always took him and his brother shopping all the time as a kid and made him grow an appreciation of clothing. I then asked him the question everybody wants to know. How did he get Fauni and D Savage in his clothes and he humbly says, “How I got D Savage and Fauni in my clothes... well D Savage's like tour manager I think saw my stuff on twitter and bought like $300 worth of clothes off me & never told me it was for D Savage, so like a week later I saw he was wearing the jeans on Snapchat and I was really surprised and then I just sent him more stuff. And with Fauni I was actually with him for like 3 days, Fauni, Ken Rebel, Uno & Mar90s... we was all at an Airbnb & I happened to have a pair of pants with me so I gave them to Fauni--& he loved them.”

We then talk idols and interestingly enough he says he doesn’t really have one because of the changes that come into his life, but he does state if it were to be anyone it would have to be his father. Make sure to be on the lookout and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @Tildeaath and check out their shop on FEARLESS & 10GRAND are his new collections that are on the way make sure to be on the lookout for that. 

Author: Elijah McClinton

December 4, 2017

Luke and Jake Cortes with Cuts

This week we caught up with Luke and Jake Cortes. Both brothers and creators of Cuts, a clothing line based out of Orange County, California. Now, you’ve probably seen Luke on Youtube under Hehatemeluke sporting the “GREATEST MOST EXPENSIVE HYPEBEAST BAPE & SUPREME OUTFIT OF ALL TIME | $20000 WORTH” where he struggles to put on clothing items to complete a $20,000 outfit. It’s actually pretty hilarious and if you haven’t seen either the meme or video you're kind of late.

Now for Jake, he is one of the main creators and is more behind the scenes but is still a vital part of the brand. I first asked him how he came up with the brand name, and what it represents, he says, “[Cuts] is the English translation of our last name; *Cortes* I was actually just looking to come up with a name to label any of my personal creative output. I ended up deciding I gotta put on for my family. And Cuts was born.

It represents me and my family (homies included). I firmly believe anything is possible so eventually, I decided "we're going to do this, and there ain't no giving up”. My pop always told us Cortes' Never Quit. And poetically that's pretty much what the entire brand is about. Putting your mind to something, and achieving it, regardless of obstacles. I cannot emphasize this enough, Never Give Up. Life is full of obstacles, big and small, but there is no excuse to give up on shit. Keep pushing. Personally, I've been through some shit, but it taught me about perseverance and responsibility, and you grow from adversity so I'm good with it. Live and learn; never stop evolving. That's where our motto comes from: "Take Your Cuts". Any journey worth trekking will beat you up and you'll have to Take Your Cuts along the way, but you gotta take them in stride and come out victorious”.

My second question was for the two of them when I asked if they looked up to anyone in the fashion industry today. Luke said, “Virgil Abloh is an absolute genius. As corny and hypebeasty as that sounds, it's a universal truth. The way he brands his company is unparalleled. He created the most pretentious brand in the most pretentious industry in the world. I love it”. Jake goes on to say, “Tyler, The Creator really proved to me that anything is possible. I'm a big fan of Gabe's style (Uzi). And my bro, H33M is constantly raising the bar”.

As having my own clothing line, I’m always curious to what other clothing companies model their own designs and thinking from, so that’s when I asked what clothing lines they would like Cuts to model from. Luke says, “Our upbringing has always been in streetwear. Our father owned a skate shop when we were kids, so we grew up wearing World Industries, Lost, Blind, all that. As we got older we started wearing Enjoi, DGK, The Hundreds (before they sold out), and Kid Robot. Finally, we wouldn't wear BBC/Bape in our youth because of the cost, but we always admired it for its impact on the culture. Everybody is influenced by everything taking place around them. We are all products of our environment, and every single one of those brands play some type of role in the brand we are today. Streetwear brands are inherently logo heavy, as are we. One thing, in particular, we want to take from Bape is thinking outside the box and pushing the boundary of what a streetwear brand is.”

As having a clothing brand, you always have a love/hate relationship with the industry and that’s exactly what I asked them and they go on to say, “The lack of originality”. Says Luke, “So many corny brands steal ideas/designs from supreme, Gucci, Virgil Abloh. Not gonna name no names in particular but, it's clear as day, and even worse is the people who buy into that garbage. Virgil Abloh started the quotes trend. I don't want to see it from anybody else. Oh god, and kith box logos. Bruh, let me just stop here, this can go on for days”. Jake goes on to say “I personally hate that everybody always tryna be dark, and edgy. Like some of that shit can be cool, don't get me wrong. But when everything has a Cult Gloria (shoutout) vibe, that shit gets tired mane. Don't get me wrong, brands like Cult and Burma are awesome, but you gotta know your lane when you're designing. Don't just try to look tough. Please stop perpetuating negativity. I'm just tryna encourage equality, positivity, and creativity. Shoutout Felt and PMA for that”.

I think they mutually agree that consistency is the key to success with Luke saying, “As long as we keep putting out a quality product, eventually the following will come. This is two years deep and only our first interview, but we're not going anywhere. We'll be here, and eventually, you'll have no choice but to notice us”.

Lastly, I asked if they have any future-plans they both want to speak into existence and Luke states, “I'm not gonna name no names on the brands, but we're gonna have the craziest collabs of all time when the time comes. Not no fucking corny Bape collab, I'm talking off-the-wall nutso type collabs. Mark my words”. As Jake puts into words, “I'm just tryna get this shit poppin so we can wake up and play some ball every day without having to answer to some asshole”. You can cop their latest collection at via the link below.

Author: Elijah McClinton

Model: Nasir Barker

November 22, 2017


This week we talked to Melo (aka @Meloboomin on Instagram) from Bay Area California to ask him a few questions. He has won numerous awards for his art, participating in art shows, and someone even went as far as trying to imitate his own work as seen below. 

The last question I asked was how does he stay inspired and creative and he goes. “I stay inspired and creative just through living life the ups and downs are enough to help me express myself through art. Sometimes I have [a] deeper meaning in paintings from problems I have or see and sometimes it’s just a visual interpretation of the energy I’m currently feeling”. So if you want a piece of your own check out his Instagram @Meloboomin for his rates or you could maybe win one yourself.

I first asked him how’d he get into art in the first place. He recalls drawing and art have always played a huge part in his life and says. “As far back as I remember I had always been drawing. I always love creating, but the passion of art didn’t come to me until after graduating and moving from the bay to Long Beach”.

From looking at his art you can definitely tell that anime plays a role in his creative process. So, I asked him just that and he says, “Anime plays a huge role in my art influence and style. So much so that I watch anime almost every day. I’m willing to have an argument with anyone if it’s about Naruto”. 

Twin Peaks In Atlanta

If you want to take a trip to outer space I got something for you. Twin Peaks In Atlanta by ra$$$had, in which I featured before, and erictherager, is like listening to something from 1986 but at the same time taking a trip to 2040. With enough bass and Atari inspired keys to remind one of The Neptune’s discography but also aggressive enough like listening to Deathgrips like on tracks like Yugi my wrist and X Men (which is be far my favorite on the tape). They don't just make trap anthems either, on tracks like "Lemme Sign Your Boobs" and Leer Life they make it very apparent that they're much more than that and some.  Make sure to follow them on SoundCloud and listen to the tape here.


Ian Courtney Ferguson or ICF11 is an 18, year old producer and artist from Lawrenceville, Ga. His style is very out there and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries mixing hip-hop with electronic and soul. His debut EP [001] dropped on iTunes on April 28th and he’s at it again with this track “Summer Lovers”. It’s a warm track, hence the name, that instantly would put anyone in a good mood. I first asked him what artists he looks up to. He says, “Artists that I look up to are Zayn and Roy Woods and rapping wise is Childish Gambino, he was my favorite rapper growing up. Zayn vocally is just a beast. His "Mind of Mine" album is one of my favorites lmao”. I then ask what he personally thinks is the next big step he has to take as an artist. “Working with more people and actually putting myself out there, not just being shy about my music”. I then questioned about being so self-conscience to showcase his own music and he goes on to say, “Because like, I don’t know, a lot of the stuff I say in my songs come from past experiences and like it just come from the heart I guess? It’s just that I don’t think people would like my music, I [just] make it for myself”. He goes onto to talk about his future projects and plans on producing a tape for nikoukouk001 as well as a joint; collaboration with HINOKAMI. He is a load of talent and I can’t wait to hear more of him moving forward, make sure to follow him on SoundCloud to hear more of him.


Slimesito dropped a track with visuals from Savani Productions produced by Segaszn called “Schizophrenic” and one phrase to sum it up is, “Classic Sito”. Of course, Slime is totting guns it’s just what he does. Of course, he raps with a rapid flow and chooses a beat that sounds evil, un-settling and a bit intimidating, it’s just what Slimesito does and what he is good at. It’s short, sweet and straight to the point, that’s what you want out of a Slimesito track. To see exactly what I mean go ahead and watch the video for yourself and you be the judge.

Author: Elijah McClinton

October 21, 2017


This week we spoke to Dennis from Chicago. The funny thing was I listening to him for a couple weeks until he really caught my attention by dropping his heartfelt track titled “Fin3”. Best song I've heard by far by anyone for just using apple head phones as a mic, as it says in his bio. His singing is William Hart like from The Delfonics, It’s light, feathery like living on a cloud. Yes, it’s that serious. So, I had to interview him. I first asked him who he looks up to for inspiration and he gladly says, “I look up to anything with a vagina”. I then asked what type of music he grew up around, he says, “I listened to Lil Wayne since birth, I can't even lie. Even his rock album. When I was like 15 I discovered Madlib and he is the reason I now listen to every genre”. When asking about his personal style he states he doesn’t have one, he’s just easily influenced. I then close by asking what is next for young Dennis and he says, “I just want to travel. I used to ride freight trains, but this time I want to travel in a car. The freight is too dangerous. Lol” So check out the rest of his SoundCloud here to hear more of him.

Author: Elijah McClinton

October 14, 2017


Fleacoo never ceases to amaze. Saying that he’s underrated is an understatement. He dropped his long-awaited track “TheGrassIsn’tGreenerOnTheOtherSide” produced by 4Point0LehGo with visuals from Flee Productions, and he doesn’t disappoint. You heard it here first, Fleacoo will blow after this guaranteed. He has enough charisma and character that sets him apart from his peers. His flows are well oiled and you’ll never hear a stale verse from him, ever. As talented as he is, the sky is the limit and we’re looking forward to hearing more of him in the future. He drops his album TopShelfFleacoo Oct. 13th so make sure to keep an eye out for of him.

Monty Chino - Thoughts

Monty Chino - Thoughts

This week we premiere Monty Chino's song titled "Thoughts". She shows her versatility bringing a soulful sound into her already impressive line up of songs she's already dropped. Check out the song on her SoundCloud here.


Trapmoneymelo is probably your favorite producer you didn’t even know yet. He is responsible for creating tracks for Slimesito, K $UPREME, Jbans and many more. Trapmoneymelo is from Waco, Georgia in which he describes as, “a lil country town”. We got straight into it and talked about his production style. I told him when I listened to his production style, it has a mid 2000’s Zaytoven feel to it. Almost like he could have OJ Tha Juice Man, Gucci Mane, or Shawty Lo on it. I then asked if he looked up to Zaytoven at all. He says, “Hell yeah that's what I grew up on, Gucci, OJ and Zay, he been the GOAT for years. Ain't no producer fuckin with him”.

With Trapmoneymelo working with bigger and bigger artists, I always wondered who was the first person to take notice in his craft in which he says, “I can't really say the first artist that took notice in me, hella niggas was hitting me up before I even had quality shit, but my first project was with SIRDEV we did an EP "fastmoneymelo". Shit been going up since then. Shout out SIRDEV, we’re doing another project soon”. I then asked how he linked up with K $UPREME and Slimesito and asked how the process went working with the two of them. “K $UPREME had hit me up a good lil’ minute ago probably like 2015. I sent him some shit but it was last year before we dropped some shit together. I had hit Jbans up on twitter [too], we chopped it up and shit, I ended up sending him a pack. Kpreme hopped on one with him. Then Sito and K $UPREME did Ride Wit Da’ Glock like right after or some shit. Shit been going wild for me off that. Sito hmu when he heard that beat, we been workin’ since then”.

I then ask about his company BANDBOI and what to expect next from him. “BANDBOI RECORDS is my gang, the label”. He explains. “We started this up last year. All my niggas on some money shit with what they do. We got rappers, producers, fashion shit goin’ on, photographers, artists, all kinda shit. We all some young bosses. Big shit comin’ from BANDBOI, [but] I ain’t gonna speak too much on [it] but we workin’. TrapMoneyTexaco 2 OTW, I'm finna keep floodin, A lot of shit OTW”.

I then questioned what made him start producing in the first place. “I always fucked with music heavy” he says, “I play the piano [and] I used to make beats and shit but I never kept em’, I used to always delete em’ right after. My gang @brodiebeatz probably is the reason I started takin shit serious though. We used to link and cook all day. We were making crazy shit, niggas had to keep going”.

I then inquired about his role in ghost or co-production in which I explained sometimes I can hear his “Melo on the beat” tag but it isn’t credited towards him. “Hell nah, I don't do ghost production”, he says, “everything with my tag on it gotta have my name on it. If my name ain't there [then] they ain't get it from me. I do collab with niggas though, that's finna stop real soon. Niggas be tryna be friends and shit I be with the business”.

We then get into big names and ask if any producers hit him up asking if he can add a drum or snare here or there for them. He says, “Hell yeah, niggas ask for everything, niggas that's workin’ with mainstream artists askin’ for shit so they can run off, that's dead. But if you gang I'm always here to help”.

Author: Elijah McClinton

Shot by: Elijah McClinton

September 23, 2017


The rap group RichthanFamou$ with group members Peso (19) and Lingo (17) are from Dayton, Ohio. With Peso stating, “A lot of niggas don’t make it out there, but we did, that’s all that matters.” When asking on their inspirations, Lingo says it’s his brother that made him start rapping. “He’s the one that drives me to make music, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t even be in this rap shit for real, we really do it for him”, they both say. "Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Jay Z, T.I. all them...niggas forget T-Pain is that nigga too though, niggas be hating on him. He really paved the way for niggas to use auto tune for real".

They also talked future aspirations and giving back as Lingo stated, “Niggas get rich and want to leave the hood knowing damn well the kids need help out there…got millions in their bank account but never give back.” Peso follows it up saying, “Why not give back to where you came from”. I then ask how is their creative process when making music. “Some weed”, Lingo laughs, I don’t want to take no xans and not get shit done so just weed, and having the lights dim in the booth”. Peso says. I then mentioned if they weren’t rapping what they would be doing. “Shit, probably trapping wearing the same clothes type shit, all I know is I wouldn’t be here for sure", says Peso.

I then asked how they initially met. “I was real close to my cousin and his brother Zay”, said Peso, “but didn’t really kick it with him because he was kind of a little nigga. He then moved to Ohio and we got close I even used his address to go to school”. “Soon as we hit the studio we bonded and every track we made was banger” they say. “I always hung around older niggas get game from them, that’s why I’m always 10 steps ahead the niggas my age”, says Lingo.

As far as the future is concerned they said they want to see progress as their young careers evolve and for them to just be better individuals as a result. “As long as we aren’t in the same place as now, all we want is progress". I close with asking what’s the biggest things they’re working on now and they said, “We did a remix for The Race with a video coming out with it too, so look out for that.

Author: Elijah McClinton

Shot by: Elijah McClinton

September 11, 2017


This week we talked to producer and rapper ra$$$had aka rarerashad from Lawrenceville, Georgia to ask a couple of questions. I figured I’d go where it all started and asked what his parents listened to when he was growing up. “My mom played hella gospel music. I’d ride in the car with her and she’d have hella Fred Hammond playing. My dad would show me all this 90’s rap. Lots of Lauryn Hill, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def. Lots of jazz fusion too.” I then popped the question of what made him start rapping in the first place and he claims that People Under the Stairs’ Outrun started it all for him. “That beat is so smooth. I had just been writing songs prior to this but I was in 6th grade and heard it and wrote my first rap. It was probably about some girl I had a crush on”. 

I then asked when was the first time he started producing he said, “In 8th grade I started out looping shit in audacity and rapping on it with a usb mic. Like I think I looped the same song A Tribe Called Quest sampled for butter”, he says. When asking about his production style he says, “It’s like jeet kune do”, and questioned his love for anime and wondered if that broadened his music taste a bit. “Hell yea. anime taught me about making cool melodies I think. Asian composers be writing the flyest melodies. Yoko Kanno is the shit”. 

I became fascinated and asked what was it about Japanese culture that intrigued him. “I think that their aesthetic is so clean but insane at the same time. I just like how it looks. A lot of my favorite art is like Takashi Murakami and Toshio Saeki. I like how culturally focused and disciplined they are. And anime of course, Cowboy Bebop fucked my life up, Ghost in the Shell too. The aesthetic of 90’s anime has yet to be matched. I’m not gon tell you my all-time fav though”.

I then ask what producers he looks up to and he says, “J Dilla made me start making beats. Drae Da Skimask, Araab Muzik, Mexikodro, Kevin Parker, Q Tip, Madlib, The Neptunes, of course Timbaland, Missy Elliot, fucking Spaceghostpurp…God. Quincy Jones too Jesus”. When asking about Soundcloud culture he proclaims, “I hate Soundcloud rapper culture. Niggas act like they really making money but from what? Yeah you got some show money but after all the designer shit you bought you bout broke as I was last year”. But goes on to say, “…but who am I to tell someone they can’t or shouldn’t be a rapper if they truly want to. It’s when niggas take the art form and try to use it solely for profit that makes me not wanna fuck with Soundcloud rap, plus Soundcloud niggas steal my beats so fuck em. Ion fuck with you unless you got shit on iTunes lil nigga”.

I questioned the state of hip/hop and rap and ask what he thinks it is missing. “Nothing. Everything it needs is here. It’s more popular than it’s ever been. More accessible. We live in a time where anyone can make a rap song and have their art heard and appreciated by someone”. I then close asking if he has any big things planned in the near future. He closes with, “Working on hella shit. Finishing up a joint ep with my homie erictherager that’s coming out in October. I have 3 solo EP's that are coming out in the winter. The first will be Kanjataimu: Goodbye. Then there’s Playstation Groove… then iron fist. All are 3 different styles I’ve been working on, also scoring a friend’s short film and working on an EP with my homie Haruna as 10k¥”.

Author: Elijah McClinton

Shot by: Elijah McClinton

September 1, 2017

Aaliyah Brown with

This week we caught up with Aaliyah Brown, a 19 year old journalist and fashion student from Decatur, Georgia. She is the owner of,  a website that provides underground artists a platform to display their talent. 

When asked how she started writing she said, "I've been writing since the age of 12. I mostly started out with poems though". This urge to write got her to start her own business and brand stating (from her site), "Since I couldn't get a job doing this, I decided to make one for myself. I was told it's never too early to start building your brand. So here we are." 

She proclaimed she doesn't want anyone famous or on her website, she's trying to pull for an underground crowd. Don't get it understood, though the artists may not be known to a broad audience, not everyone can be featured. You got to be putting in the effort to get a piece written about you.

I then began to ask if she looks at her work more as a hobby or career choice. She confidently said, "It's more of a passionate career choice for me". 

She then explained what inspired her website, saying she always wanted her own business and that she has always been taught since a young age to do something you love and enjoy. Later stating, "I really love fashion and music along with other forms of art, so I just wanted to put all those things together and kinda include them in my life. “Finally, I asked where does she see herself five years from now she proclaimed, "Five years from now I'll be a very successful entrepreneur and will have finished fashion school.

So, if you're and underground artist that is looking for some exposure check out and put in your entry.

Author: Elijah McClinton

Shot by: Elijah McClinton

August 12, 2017

Monty Chino

This week we present Monty Chino, she is an R&B contemporary artist from Atlanta, Ga. She dropped her first single "Why" (Prod. by BamBam) in March and got some local buzz which got her working with other producers and artist such as New York producer Wavy Bagels, RichThanFamous, and YungMoonGod just to name a few. Her EP is dropping sometime this year and all eyes are glued as we all await. Follow her on Soundcloud under "Monty" for more updates on her music.

Author: Elijah McClinton

Shot by: Elijah McClinton

August 5, 2017

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